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Title: Rocket Science
Chapter: 2
Anime: Naruto
Pairing: Kakashi x Sakura
Rating: PG-13/T
Words: 945
Summary: Gathering around the water cooler in the morning will never be the same again.
Disclaimer: NARUTO © 2011 by MASASHI KISHIMOTO/SHUEISHA Inc and assorted corporations who bought various rights to it.

A/N: Dedicated to [ profile] bluerising aka Clearheart who wrote the yummilicious Konoha Bakery! :D This is, once again, pure fluff.

Beta'd by the lovely [ profile] blackestfaery. Thank you, Char!

Previous chapter(s): [1]

Chapter 2 Also on



Sakura fumed as she stood off to the side with the dwindling number of volunteers. The volatile emotions rolled off her in such waves that it caused those waiting with her to edge away to a safer distance. Fifty to one hundred light years would do nicely as a buffer zone. Familiar with the medic’s temper, they learned to their own chagrin that it was better to let her be than to direct her fiery emotions toward themselves.

Even those running frantically around backstage doing last minute preparations noticed and veered sharply away with widened eyes. It took only a single look at the beautifully dressed young woman practically glowing in anger to confirm what their survival instincts screamed at them.

One by one, the volunteers were directed away. Fifteen minutes later, only a lone man fidgeting with his bowtie remained standing somewhat near the still glowering, albeit much calmer, Sakura.

Though it seemed that even the smallest thing might set off the pinkette, someone made a beeline to the pair, angling specifically towards the pink-haired woman. Could it be bravery? Stupidity? Incredible nearsightedness? For all anyone knew, perhaps it was just plain desperation…

“Oh, Sakura, you look lovely tonight! Thank you so much for helping us out at the last minute like this!” exclaimed the frazzled Shizune, clipboard in one hand and radio in another. A bit of static came over the line, then a ‘ready for next’ sounded over the audio equipment, and the brunette acknowledged back quickly before nodding over at the dapperly dressed man who smiled at her. “You’re up, Alvin.”

With the go ahead, the second-to-last volunteer straightened his jacket and gulped nervously before heading onto stage. As Alvin made his way toward the center of the lit platform, the host announced his name to the sound of applause. Sakura took all this in distantly, as if she were a bystander out in the crowd and not about to do the same herself.

She supposed some would call it ‘not facing reality’. For Sakura, however, the mental evasion yielded several more moments of sane headspace which made it all worthwhile. Instead of coming to terms that she would be the next and final person to walk that very same path, she considered making a break for it and going home. Just hide in bed under her blanket while taking refuge with good ol’ Ms. Snuggly, a novel and a bowl of sweet dessert dumplings.

No one would ever find her.

However, doing so would certainly make Shizune upset and Tsunade rail. Sakura cringed at both possibilities, neither of which ended well for her. When the former sported saddened puppy dog eyes and the latter shot fire with hers, no one stood a chance, including the younger medic. Sakura should know better, but now here she stood, in a pair of very sexy but slightly uncomfortable heels, the innocent victim of not just one but two conniving people.

Shizune’s next statement and smile of relief brought Sakura’s wandering thoughts back to the present. “If Tsunade hadn’t found and gotten you to agree, I don’t know whom else we could have asked to fill in for Sandra! Poor thing. It’s horrible to suddenly come down with the stomach flu like that. She’s really disappointed; she was hoping to top what she brought in from last year since every little bit helps with funding Space Camp. We’re lucky this part of the event is such a hit every year, but it gets harder to find enough of you singles! I’m so glad that you came tonight – the guys won’t know what hit ‘em.”

The last sentence paired itself with a twinkle in Shizune’s brown eyes that would only be described as mischievous. It did much to lift the tiredness weighing the poor woman down. In addition to her regular duties, Tsunade also charged her hardworking subordinate with the planning and execution of NASA’s annual Valentine’s party and everything within it. Instead of a major fuss (just a little one because she truly enjoyed behind the scenes planning for anything related to the word ‘party’), Shizune rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

Sakura adored her older co-worker and felt no little guilt for not helping with the pre-planning due to her own commitments (courtesy of Tsunade). So the pinkette made a valiant effort to put aside her ire since the other woman deserved none of it. “I’m sure you can imagine that Tsunade didn’t give me much of a chance to protest. I mean, I really don’t think I’m cut out for this, but since it’ll help out… I’m just nervous being in front of so many people like this.”

Smiling openly at the younger woman, Shizune shook her head in amusement. “All you have to do is walk out there and the host will take care of the rest. Just pretend you are presenting a paper only without the talking – it’ll be easy!”

Sakura began to respond, but the radio squawked again, this time with an urgent request for Shizune’s presence elsewhere. The brunette muttered under her breath before taking off with a little wave and a “have fun out there!”

Her own hand dropping back at her side, Sakura stared at the brunette’s departing back before another round of applause from the crowd drew her attention back to the situation at hand. Shizune’s visit momentarily put aside her displeasure, but it came back along with the memory of the one who caused it.

Sakura gritted her teeth, fists clenching as she prepared to step out onto the platform. “Oh, that silver-haired genius of an idiot. I’m going to kill him.”



Chapter Notes: Oh, Kakashi, what did you do? Sakura’s likely to explode, and her coworkers are comparing her to a supernova (though I’m sure they do that from time to time as they do with Tsunade). *laugh* 50 to 100 light years is sometimes cited in scientific literature as the closest safe distance between Earth and a supernova, also known as a stellar explosion.

[ profile] bluerising, I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit!

Comments and constructive criticisms welcomed. Reviews are love. ♥

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