Dec. 31st, 2015

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Banner created by Seoinage and Randomsome1 at LJ

My fics will not be f-locked and can be accessed through the tags or sort of through my memories (which is about 85% up to date), if you'd like an index. You can also find me on, and, all under this username.


As the banner states, please comment by including the following should you wish to be added:

  • How you found me

  • 2 reasons why you want to be added and/or 2 common interests we have

  • Why do I want to know? Because I'm curious about the person who is curious about me! Makes sense, right? XD

    Oh, and if I add you, please add me back! (Or I'll have to sic the purple prose of urple and wangst on you in the form of Barney!)



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