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seoinage: (Kakashi - Me I Like Porn by infinitefire)

3b1l Creations, Inc.

Ambitions big~ Laziness biggier~

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Created on 2011-04-06 04:15:28 (#720167), last updated 2011-10-31 (307 weeks ago)

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Name:Funny You Should Ask
Birthdate:Jan 20
Location:In a cave with internet, United States of America
A Testimonial By [info]penguin_sensei (When She Was Asked If I Were As Nuts As She Is By Her Mum):

"errm... yes? But not the same kind of crazy". And I said you were the "random Chinese proverbs kind of crazy" which, in my mind, makes sense. Because I can totally see you tell random proverbs that look like these Chinese wise words but are totally NOT. XD Such as... I don't know... "when the river is not a giant unicorn, the giraffe sings in front of a clock". You do that.


Feel free to call me Seoi if you still want talk to me after that testimonial. *grins*


"On the Web we are made out of sentences, and some people insist on showing up hideously deformed."
Quoted from [info]vilious

I (somewhat) mod the [info]shinkumi LJ community, which supports the Sawada Shin x Yamaguchi Kumiko pairing (series "Gokusen"). Come join us if you love those two together as well! :)

Hypnotic_Blue banner created by Sidh and Timeturner I also (somewhat) mod [info]hypnotic_blue, an Aizen Sousuke Fan LJ Community (series "Bleach"). Come play if you happen to love Aizen-taichou!

Truly Random: I was [info]ninjafy'd as Kakashi. How'd that happen?

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Description: There's nothing to know.
Strengths:You really don't need to know.
Weaknesses:You definitely will never know.
Special Skills:You may be on the receiving end sometime.
Weapons:What's out there?
Anything We Can Know? :)

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My free time is spent goofing off, sleeping, or eating. Ah, the three wonders of the world! For me, goofing off includes anything that allows me to have fun creatively, emotionally, mentally and/or physically. Fanfiction and anime of course fall under the category of goofing off in my book.

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